Obsolete solid wood framed house windows, specially wooden sash window cases, provide a distinct and undeniable appeal. On the correct house, they appear really at home. Having said that, timber-framed together with single-paned glazing incorporates a number of headaches which could land up costing you time and money throughout the years. These are all issues which UPVC windows will be able to deal with.


Single-paned wooden house windows are surprisingly vulnerable to condensation. The variance in temperature on either side of the glass triggers fluid to accumulate on the innermost side. This is incredibly horrible throughout winter and in the evening, when the temperature disparity is generally more severe.

This moisture will likely gather on the pane til it becomes overly heavy. It will at that moment run down the glass and pool on the wooden window ledges and frames. It gets inside the edges, over time running into via vulnerabilities in the coating. And once inside the timber, it will certainly lead to the wood to soften as well as disintegrate. Doing this compromises the safety of the windowpane, sometimes causing fractures occurring close to the edges of the glass. In order to eliminate the condensation, you either will need to conscientiously wipe it up everyday as well as make sure that the timber frames are looked after continuously. Leave it too long and it will probably all need exchanging.

Fortunately, a UPVC replacement window can absolutely help reduce this particular situation. The combination of double-glazed panes, complete with vacuum or gas-filled insulation between, diminishes the temperature level difference between inside and outside the room. Which means damp is usually much less likely to accumulate. Plus, UPVC is an exceedingly sturdy material which is not really susceptive to moisture infiltration or maybe damage. Water would simply remain on it til it evaporates. This guarantees you will never have to spend hours wiping down the window cases or treating the wood frames.


Windows are, by their nature, weak parts in your house security and safety. Timber frames and single-pane panes are readily fractured or crowbarred open, meaning you are at risk of forced entries and theft. In a similar way, as solo panes are a lot easier to fragment, they maybe a health and safety hazard.

Modern UPVC windows are usually the simple resolution to each of these issues. Double glazing is lot of times more robust than single-pane glass and UPVC frames close tighter and with a greater seal than more outdated wood designs. This means when buying UPVC windows you are certainly making an enormous leap to making your property a lot more secure.

Repairs And Maintenance

Wooden frames, the second they are subjected to the extremes of the British climate-- including raindrops, cold weather and uv rays-- will begin to look fatigued and aged just after a number of years. They need to have frequent servicing both externally and also inside keep them shipshape. Which means a considerable amount of your time put in sanding, packing voids, preparation and painting them. Or possibly at the minimum a hefty bill so as to pay another person to do it.

The latest UPVC windows are almost repairs and maintenance free. The components are exceedingly durable and very long lasting and do not really discolour in the wet stuff or sun's light. As soon as replaced, you are assured decades of problem-free window cases. Certainly, the sole thing you'll need to be responsible for is give them a perfunctory clean now and again-- just like you would most other window cases. Everyone who is interested in additional information in regard to replacement double glazing uk this page provides quite a few more useful resources focused on replacement double glazing.


You could possibly believe that UPVC window patterns are slightly restricted however that's not necessarily the situation. As well as the prototypical white UPVC window, you will be able to pick from a variety of other colours to accommodate your concept plan. Additionally, as well as UPVC casement windows, you will be able to procure these in a variety of other layout styles, including things like more traditional sash windows. Certainly, whatever concept style you're considering, there's probably a UPVC window to suit.

Bottom Dollar

Nowadays, to change timber windows will certainly set you back the very same if not much more than UPVC windows. UPVC window prices have decreased for many years and are presently rather acceptable, thanks largely to the popularity of their usage. Virtually every new build or redesign program in the UK turns to UPVC windows due to the numerous advantages detailed above.

So, if your existing timber windows are appearing weary, in case that the rot has set in, and if you are just fed up of wiping down the condensate just about every morning in a hopeless bid to reduce deterioration, then it may be time to make the improvement. Reach out to your UPVC window specialist to obtain a quote and ascertain just how uncomplicated it may be to make your residence more secure, more comfy and less troublesome to maintain.